Bulk Zambesi and Bulk Limpopo

The Bulk Zambesi and Bulk Limpopo are two transshipment vessels specially-designed by Coeclerici based on a Supramax Bulk Carrier design for the Moatize Coal Project created by Vale, the Brazilian world-leading company in metal and mining production. Coal is railed in 600 km from a mining area in the Tete province in Mozambique to the port of Beira, then discharged into the five holds of each transshipper via shore facilities. Each self-propelled 55,000 DWT vessel carries the cargo along the Macuti channel to a suitable deep-water anchorage off the coast, where it is transloaded via the onboard cargo handling system into oceangoing vessels (OGVs) up to Capesize. The route along the hairpin curves of the channel is made possible thanks to a special flap-rudder and heavy power double bow-thrusters, which also enable each vessel to smoothly approach the OGV. Each unit is also fitted with suitable yokohama fenders to safely moor alongside the OGV and start offshore transshipment operations. Among the innovative features onboard each vessel, there are five 40T electro-hydraulic heavy duty high-performance grab cranes designed for high-speed continuous operation in open sea, suitable pay-loaders for cargo-gathering in the holds to maximize the loading operations, a cargo handling system with fully covered conveyor belts capable of transshipping at a pick rate of 5,500 tons/hour, and a 37 m-long traveling loading boom. The system can guarantee an average loading rate in excess of 3,000 tons/h regardless of weather conditions, providing a throughput of around 6 million tons of coal per year. 130m3 hoppers with anti-spillage plates, equipped with two electrical vibrators each, and spillage-free grabs make Bulk Zambesi and Bulk Limpopo “environmental friendly” transshippers, deliberately designed to meet the most stringent environmental protection standards set by all major international certification bodies including IMO, MARPOL, IOPP, and ISPP, and to reduce pollution at sea.