Bringing raw materials straight to the client’s production site. For over 40 years Coeclerici’s Logistics Division has pursued this objective through research and development, creating customized solutions designed to satisfy the most complex integrated handling requirements.

The Logistics Division is one of the world’s leaders in bulk commodities transshipment.

Our main strengths? Technical innovations, cross disciplinary expertise, skill optimization, more than forty years of direct operational experience and a proven track record.

Coeclerici’s Logistics Division has engineered and promoted the use of “floating terminals” throughout the world.

A floating terminal carries out the same functions as a port terminal, but requires considerably less investment, boasts lower management costs and has less environmental impact. They are cost-effective alternatives to fixed port infrastructures, useful for solving logistical bottlenecks including port restrictions, draught limitations or lack of port facilities, and improving the flow of raw materials to clients.

The floating terminals Coeclerici designs, builds and operates for its clients are innovative vessels, built to the highest technological and safety standards by the most advanced shipyards in the world.