In 2007 Coeclerici acquired a 60% stake – increased to 85% in 2008 and 100% in 2010 – in RAG Trading Asia Pacific Ltd., a Singapore-based company specialized in coke, coking coal and steam coal.

The company was part of Steag GmbH, representing the energy business division of the RAG Beteiligungs-Group (now renamed EVONIK Trading AG), the fifth largest German power operator.

The company was renamed and operated as Coeclerici Asia (Pte) Ltd. with a turnover of more than 310 million USD. The acquisition is part of Coeclerici’s strategy to develop and strengthen its trading activities in coke and metallurgical coal in Far Eastern markets, taking full advantage of the strong growth potential inherent to the Asia-Pacific region.

Since 2015 the Trading activity in the Far East is entrusted to Coeclerici Commodities SA, formerly Coeclerici Compagnie SA.