15/10/2013 Another pearl in the ocean for Coeclerici
27/09/2013 Andrea Clavarino appointed Executive Deputy Chairman of Coeclerici S.p.A.
09/09/2013 Coeclerici acquires the ownership of the coal trading division of Alley-Cassetty Companies Inc.
05/09/2013 Coeclerici Group enters the German market with the acquisition of Dako Coal.
17/07/2013 Teresio Gigi Gaudio enters the B.o.D. of Coeclerici S.p.A.
13/06/2013 d’Amico and Coeclerici establish a J/V to invest in the shipping sector.
29/04/2013 Andrea Clavarino joins the B.o.D. of Coeclerici S.p.A.