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Widespread availability, low energy costs, high employment, environmentally safe transport and handling, steady reduction in pollutant emissions and CO2 during combustion… Welcome to the world of new Clean Coal technologies.

Today coal is universally recognized as one of the major energy sources of the future.

Million years

When coal was first produced, the earth’s hot, humid climate favored the growth of large trees in vast regions across the planet. Overtime, with help from fungi and bacteria, a huge amount of timber was turned into what we now know as coal, a high-yield, ready-to-use fuel.

The number of years monitoring worker health at an Italian coal-fired power plant with no disturbance or pathology detected. Study conducted by the University of Brescia.
No pollution was found in the area surrounding the coal-fired plant.
The environmental impact in the event of an accident during transportation.
Coal does not pollute the soil, is not flammable or explosive and if lost at sea it simply deposits harmlessly on the seabed. During handling operations, the availability of protection techniques makes it possible to reduce the spread of coal dust, even in the presence of strong atmospheric turbulence.
The overall percentage of electricity generated using coal worldwide.
20% in Europe and approximately 40% in the USA.
The number of years we can continue to count on a reliable supply of coal.
Different countries around the world possess coal reserves.
Widespread availability facilitates supply, reduces transport costs, and sidesteps the risks inherent to relying on politically unstable countries for energy supply.
Workers in a coal-fired energy industry compared to workers in a gas-fired energy industry at equal production levels.
Coal employs more people within the energy industry, yet remains the most economically competitive source overall.