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Milan projects

Coeclerici is a committed partner in local environmental improvement and maintenance projects in Milan, Italy, where the Group’s headquarters are located. For many years Coeclerici has renovated and maintained flowerbeds in the areas of greatest artistic value of the city, including the flowerbed of Piazza Cairoli in front of the Castello Sforzesco, in the historic centre of the city.

The renovation of the flowerbed has been carried out by Ermanno Casasco, one of the most authoritative Italian landscape architects.

Museo del Mare di Genova
Sala Coeclerici

Paolo Clerici Foundation has “gifted” to GALATA Museo del Mare in Genoa a selection of the great collection of paintings about the history of navigation over the last 150 years: a unique display in a new room of the museum, renovated throughout: the Sala Coeclerici. The project was funded in full by Coeclerici.

Terrazza Coeclerici

Coeclerici Room overlooks Coeclerici Terrace: a gorgeous panoramic open air space, partially covered by a glassed loggia, embellished by a roof garden and ideal for conferences or cultural events, giving the guests an appealing view over the old town, which has immediately become an important meeting point for Genova city.


Kemerovo Teenage Swimmers

The initial request for sponsorship was to cover travel expenses from the swimming school. Then Coeclerici purchased swimming equipment and accessories.

The reference point of the team is Aleksandra Sabitova, sixteen years old. The young swimmer is now the first in Russia and fifth in the world in the youth championship for the butterfly swimming specialty. 

Kaltan and Murman Hockey Teams

Coeclerici covered travel, equipment and accessories