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From 120 years the Coeclerici Group is a world leader in the coal sector, serving the chemistry and steel industries across five continents.

Coeclerici SpA is the Group’s holding company, coordinating and supporting Group activities through offices in 11 countries and 2 divisions operating in the Energy sector.

The Raw Factor
In 2002 and 2003 Coeclerici invested roughly 18 million USD to develop a coal mine in the Kemerovo region in Russia, acquiring exclusive international sales rights for the two million tons of coal the mine produces annually. In 2008, Coeclerici acquired 100% of Korchakol, a low volatile coal (PCI and thermal coal) mine located in Siberia, near the city of Novokuznetsk. It was the first time in history a Western company acquired a steam coal mine in Russia. The purchase included the production site as well as a transportation system to carry the raw material from the mine to nearby clients and a loading facility. From here, a coal railway system carries the coal to the port of Murmansk, in Northern Russia (Barents Sea).

1.5 million tons of coal extracted  from the Korchakol mine in Siberia, owned by the Coeclerici Group
Keeping up with the world

Making sure delivery times are met and costs are contained. Every day, all over the world, our Trading Division oversees the sale of raw materials, serving a network of clients in over 25 countries. A partner that can handle secure and efficient top quality coal procurement is a key strategic asset for anyone operating in the iron, steel and energy industries. Our Trading Division can boast a well established, highly diversified international network, direct control over mining activities and strong partnerships established with leading international coal producers. We deliver on time, every time. With sources located in different areas around the globe, our Trading Division can provide the best.

Core business activities include

Trading worldwide trading of coal, coking coal, pci, coke, pet coke and anthracite Services offered by Coeclerici Commodities market intelligence negotiation assistance coal delivery scheduling technical support at discharging ports and customer facilities coal promotion activities financing coal mines

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