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For over 120 years, the Coeclerici Group has been one of the world’s leaders in the market of commodities for the iron, steel and chemical sector.

Coeclerici SpA is the Group’s holding company, coordinating and supporting Group activities through offices in 12 countries and 2 divisions operating in the Commodities sector:

Stock Company “Kuznetskaya investitsionno-stroitelnaya company” (Kisk”)
The Raw Factor

In 2002 and 2003, Coeclerici invested approximately 18 million dollars to develop a mine in Russia’s Kemerovo region, when it bought the exclusive rights to sell two million tons of raw materials produced each year by the mine on the international market.  In 2008, Coeclerici purchased 100% of Korchakol, a mine located in Siberia, near the city of Novokuznetsk. In 2022, in view of the Russia/Ukraine conflict, the Russian company owner of the mine, continues to operate under the direction of the local management, preserving local jobs and commitments taken towards local communities. The Coeclerici Group has ceased to carry out all management and coordination activities relating to this company.

1.7 million tons. Annual production of the Korchakol mine in Siberia, part of the Coeclerici Group

The Korchakol mine has obtained the following certifications:


A quality management system (QMS)


An environmental management system (EMS)


An ISO standard for management systems of occupational health and safety (OH&S)

Staying in step with the world

Each day, our Trading division oversees the sale of the raw materials, serving a network of clients in more than 25 countries all over the world. A partner capable of managing a safe, efficient and superior quality procurement process is a strategic resource for businesses in the steel and chemical industries. Our Trading division boasts a consolidated and highly diversified international network, direct control of mineral extraction, and solid partnerships with international producers of raw materials who are leaders in their field. We deliver on time, every time. With sources located in various areas of the world, our Trading division is able to offer the very best.

Core business activities include


Sales of commodities all over the world

Services offered by Coeclerici Commodities

  • market intelligence
  • assistance with negotiations and delivery planning
  • technical assistance in unloading ports and client premises
  • financing of mines
Worldwide presence