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Economic value and governance
Hightlights 2022

Business resilience

Creation and distribution of value to stakeholders

Responsible management of the supply chain

90,2 mln €

EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation), +71% since 2021

67 mln €

value of investments in business expansion and diversification projects since 2020

1,4 mld €

economic value generated by the Group, more than tripled since 2020


of economic value redistributed to stakeholders

The contracts concluded by the Trading Division include clauses related to the commitment of Coeclerici, customers and suppliers to respecting human rights

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Centrality of the business
Creation of value
Ethics and transparency
Digitalisation of the supply chain
Continuity of business and creation of value

In 2022, the economic value generated by Coeclerici was equal to € 1.4 bn, more than tripled compared to 2020.

Revenues from sales and services are the main growth factor.

For the Commodities area, revenues posted a strong increase thanks to the increase in commodity reference indices. For the Industry area, instead, the increase in revenues was due to the increase in orders and production volumes, in particular for the Converting division.



Business integrity

Coeclerici has adopted an Ethical Code – an integral part of the organizational Model 231 – which defines and outlines the values and principles of behavior inspiring the activities and relationships towards all parties with whom the Company engages to achieve its mission.

The document specifies the company’s mission; fundamental values; principles of conduct to be used in business management and in relationships with stakeholders – employees, partners, competitors, customers, suppliers, Public Administration, Regulatory Authorities; implementation system, dissemination, and monitoring of the Code, also through the figure of the Surveillance Body.

Through the Ethical Code, the Company also commits to spreading and consolidating the culture of health and safety in the workplace, promoting responsible behavior by all workers.



Coeclerici adopted a Code of Ethics, an integral part of the Model 231, which defines and specifies the values and principles of conduct, inspiring the activities and relationships involving third parties with which the Company enters into relations to achieve its mission.

The document clarifies the company mission, core values and the principles of conduct to be followed in company management and in relations with stakeholders – staff, co-workers, competitors, customers, suppliers, Public Administration, and supervisory authorities; implementation, dissemination and control  system on the Code, also thanks to the Supervisory Board. Through the Code of Ethics, the Company is also committed to spreading and consolidating the culture of health and safety in the workplace, promoting responsible behaviour by all workers.

Innovative Biotechnologies and Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chain

In 2022, Coeclerici invested 1.5 million euros to acquire 13.4% of the share capital of BEF Biosystem, an innovative biotechnology company specialized in insect breeding, in the production of technology for the management of their life cycle and in the production of derivatives intended for animal nutrition. BEF Biosystem was founded with the objective of creating a participatory agro-sustainable supply chain helping to reduce food waste and waste in general, while making human and animal nutrition more sustainable.

The innovative project involves the establishment of a circular network of companies engaged in breeding the ‘soldier fly’ (Hermetia Illucens) to be used for the production of animal feed. BEF Biosystem provides network farms with the larvae to raise, the technology necessary for the entire growth process and insect nutrition products by recovering waste materials from the plant production of other companies. The farms within the network provide the energy needed to power the breeding systems, drawing on their biogas plants. Once the growth process is complete, BEF Biosystem collects the larvae, processes them and sells them to companies in the food supply chain.

Supplier Portal

During 2022 the Supplier Portal was implemented, namely a platform for the exchange of data between IMS and the supply network with which to share the PE2 system for archiving and managing drawings and the JDE management system. Suppliers can find in the Portal all the orders issued to them and can select and download the relevant drawings.

This tool will reduce the time for sending and managing purchase orders, will minimize the possibility of typos and will provide suppliers, where available, with formats suitable for the most advanced CAD/CAM systems. Reliability tests are underway on the system in order to release it into production in the first months of 2023.


The supply chain management platform
IUNGO is the supply chain management platform implemented by IMS that helps companies digitize their
purchasing processes via the IungoMail technology. It’s a complete communication tool that can provide greater effectiveness to the purchasing team,
reducing the time needed to manage suppliers in many of the most routine activities.
There are numerous advantages: visibility of all purchase orders in a single dashboard, graphical representation of orders to be managed, confirmation of order acknowledgment, automatic sending of orders to the supplier, automatic sending of reminders, and easy and fast export of information within the management system.