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“…our aim has always been, and will always remain, to ‘make a home’ wherever we work.

This means recognizing and caring about the needs of the land we’re settling in.

It means appreciating local culture and differences. Most of all, it means making an effort to understand and learn from our hosts. In other words, enriching our own company culture by actively and genuinely interacting with the local population.”

Paolo Clerici Chairman and CEO of Coeclerici

The Coeclerici Group meets the highest International safety standards for people and the environment, enhancing local communities everywhere the Group operates. The primary objectives of our new “sustainable development” model are environmental protection and improving quality of life for the general population. These essential choices help support economic growth and entrepreneurship, guaranteeing security and prosperity for future generations. Well aware of its responsibilities as a global industrial leader, the Coeclerici Group has established the following initiatives:

  • respect local cultures and support social and economic realities in countries where the Group operates;
  • integrate and enhance local know-how and expertise through ongoing training and specialization programs;
  • apply the most rigorous international protection standards for worker safety and health, both for crews and for land-based workers, regardless of less demanding local regulations;
  • develop advanced technologies and procedures aimed at reducing environmental risks.